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We have followed 2 bike commuters in Scandinavia's typical Winter low light conditions. Conclusion: choosing a Yellow Hi-Vis option for your Winter cycling gloves IS making you more visible in traffic!
In these photos, we feature the GripGrab Polaris 2 Waterproof Winter Gloves (yellow hi-vis) and the GripGrab Windster 2 Windproof Winter Gloves (yellow hi-vis) which are part of the new Autumn-Winter gloves range that GripGrab is launching in 2022.
Polaris2-HighVis (01)Polaris2-HighVis (02)Polaris2-HighVis (10)Polaris2-HighVis (03)Polaris2-HighVis (04)Polaris2-HighVis (7)Windster2-HighVis (01)Windster2-HighVis (02)Windster2-HighVis (03)Windster2-HighVis (04)Windster2-HighVis (05)Windster2-HighVis (13)